Fishing with PowerRay

The ultimate fishing experience, including Sonar Fish Finder and Remote Bait Drop

PowerRay is changing the underwater world for all future. This portable, diving robot opens up the scenery beneath the surface for fishermen, no matter if you are fishing in lake or sea, Mediterranean or ice-fishing.

With a diving time of four hours, a diving depth of 30 meters, sonar fish finder, bait drop and a great 4K 30 fps camera, the PowerRay helps you locate schools of fish and drop your bait at the right place. Learn more and get your own PowerRay today!

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PowerSeeker Fish Finder

The detachable PowerSeeker FishFinder can be used as a stand-alone device.

Detailed information on fish distribution, underwater temperature, depth, underwater landscape and fish alerts are available on the mobile app.


Precision Remote Bait Drop

The optional add-on function is designed for users to place the fish hook at a desired location.


Integrated Fish Luring Light

Attract fish through an integrated luring light.
Pre.installed adjustable LED lighting fit for photo and video needs.

Revolutionary Fishing Experience

Take your fishing experience to another level by putting a high definition display right in front of your eyes.