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4k, 12mp and up to 1600 iso

  • Film in high resolution! We developped for the PowerRay a unique, dedicated 4K UHD underwater camera.

  • Best in its class! Dive up to 4 hours with one single battery charge. Plenty of time to film, photograph and explore.

  • With a diving and cruising maximum speed of 3 knots the PowerRay gets you anywhere in a blink of eye.

  • With 12 million pixels, the sensor of the PowerRay will catch all the detail of your dives, in film or photos!

  • The PowerRay can dive up to 30 meter, no matter the water temperature or the strength of the currents.

  • No matter the low light condition, the PowerRay sees in the dark at 1600 iso, helped by its two 450 lumens lights.



Turn your base station
into a powerful,
remote SAR tool.

  • The PowerSeeker is a dedicated fishfinder that can scan for fish up to a depth of 40m, at constant 30° angle.

  • No cables, no hassle: just plug the PowerSeeker on the PowerRay and see where other systems can’t reach.

  • With the PowerSeeker, turn you mobile into a fish-radar, and get all the fish-tracking data, live!


Get closer, sharper and faster!

  • Thanks to our in-house dedicated algorithm, the PowerRay is stable and super easy to maneuver!

  • No risk to damage a boat thanks to the case-protected thrusters and the soft extra bumper surrounding the drone.

  • Share your images with your customers: either in real-time using the live-view or by sending the files!