PowerEye Universal Payload Mount

PowerEye Universal Payload Mount

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Universal payload module integrated FPV camera

Re-designed dual FPV cameras provide the front view and down view of aircraft to observe surrounding enviroment. They can also assist the precise drop of carried item via remote control of drop trigger. Max 2kg heavy duty payload and 13-17 mins flight time (1-2 kg payload). Universal payload module has provided abundant power supply and communication interfaces, supported DIY customization and umlimited use case extension. It can carry high power LED light, speaker, gas measurement equipment, panoramic VR camera or oblique aerial camera.



Dimension 105*120*90
Weight 537g
Power Supply 12V/5V/3.3V
Control Signal UART/SPI/I2C/CAN
Endurance time 0.5kg 21.5m
Payload weight 0-2kg
One-click throw Yes
Downward FPV Yes
Front FVP Yes
Packaging method Integrated packaging or independent packaging (sold separately)

  • Universal Payload Mount