PowerSeeker Sale Pack EU

PowerSeeker Sale Pack EU

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Get ready to catch more fish!

The PowerSeeker is a user-friendly castable fishfinder that will help you to get more fish!

The PowerSeeker connects directly to your phone using its own, reliable 2,4Ghz WiFi network: you can use the PowerSeeker anywhere, even in the most remote places.

The PowerSeeker possesses unique features that make it the most efficient, versatile and easy-to-use fish finder of its price range!

> You can connect up to 5 phones to one PowerSeeker and share real-time data
> Scan up to 40 meters deep, with a casting range of 90 meters 
> Get live info straight on your phone screen: water temperature, depth, the location of the fish and their size.
> With its 8 scans per second and it's 10cm at a 30° beam angle, the PowerSeeker will give you real-time, detailed, comprehensive and complete data from your best fishing spots.